Zach Gowen: Why I Absolutely Loved My Violent Exchanges With Brock Lesnar In WWE

The two had a bloody bout in 20003

Zach Gowen says he 'absolutely loved working every second' he did with Brock Lesnar and was thrilled with the level of violence they displayed in WWE.

Signed by WWE in 2003, a teenage Zach Gowen was one of the company's biggest heart-warming stories, having lost his leg to cancer at eight-years-old.

With Lesnar looking to re-establish himself as a monster heel on SmackDown, the decision was made to put the two in an immensely violent match on the blue brand, in which The Beast destroyed Gowen.

Gowen has recalled his time working with Lesnar in 2003, revealing how much he enjoyed creating violent, memorable moments with him.

Speaking to Metro, Gowen said: "I gave Brock my body because they needed some steam on Brock. I was the tool to be able to get to that point where Brock needed to be to continue his storyline and success from there on out.

"I absolutely loved working every second with Brock, because I could feel it was so special because of the dynamic between Brock Lesnar, who’s this monster, and the skinny one-legged kid who’s just trying to live his dream. It’s such a beautiful story!

"The level of violence that we created was just epic, to the point that was the first – when it aired on SmackDown in England, they had to black and white the screen because of how much blood was on the screen.

"That was the first time something got edited that was different from the US version and the UK version. I’m not gonna take credit, but shortly thereafter they started the PG Era! We took it to a level where they’re like, “Alright, enough is enough, you know? Maybe a bit too violent!"

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