Domino's Pizza 'Assessing Advertising Presence' On AEW Dynamite Following No Rules Match

Nick Gage used a pizza cutter on Chris Jericho in the main event

Domino's Pizza have said they are 'assessing our advertising presence' on AEW programming after a pizza cutter was used as a weapon during the No Rules match between Chris Jericho and Nick Gage on Wednesday. 

A violent encounter between Jericho and Gage main-evented AEW Dynamite: Fight For The Fallen this week, with the bout including light tubes, glass and a pizza cutter as the weapons utilised by the two men. 

At one point in the show, former GCW Champion Gage used the pizza cutter on Jericho's head just as AEW went to a picture-in-picture advert break, which then displayed Domino's Pizza's logo and their product alongside the in-ring action.

The global pizza chain has issued a statement on the incident, disavowing any prior knowledge or involvement of the use of a pizza cutter in AEW's main event and suggesting they could consider pulling their advertising from being linked with Tony Khan's promotion. 

Spokesperson Jenny Fouracre-Petko told Front Office Sports: "We share the concerns expressed about this incident and the content of this TV-14 rated program, and are assessing our advertising presence on it going forward."

Despite Domino's concerns, this Wednesday's AEW Dynamite was another ratings success for the promotion. Wednesday’s broadcast drew in 1.108 million viewers, the fourth-most in AEW history. It was also the third week in a row that AEW Dynamite averaged more than a million viewers.

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