Don't Be Fooled By Shane McMahon On WWE SmackDown Live, He Really Believes He's The Best In The World

The WWE World Cup 'winner' is a massive liar, pass it on...

Shane McMahon kicked off last night's SmackDown Live in Manchester, England with a shocking revelation as he told the world that he doesn't actually believe he's the best in the world.

McMahon, of course, STOLE the WWE World Cup at Crown Jewel last week, inserting himself into a match that he simply had to right to be in following an untimely injury to The Miz.

After bringing home the... plastic to SmackDown Live, Shane went absolutely ballistic, screaming "I'm the best in the world" over and over again as he ran around the ring like Lio Rush after one too many cups of fizzy pop. This, to some, signified a heel turn for Shane, whereas I believe it's the latest in a long line of delusional and self-centered acts he's carried out since taking charge of WWE's blue brand.

Either way, what he did on this week's SmackDown wasn't out of humility, he was merely attempting to throw us off the scent. He's trying to deceive us into thinking he's a swell guy, and I'm not going to let that happen. Treat this as some kind of public service announcement. Share it. Tell your friends. Everybody needs to know what Shane McMahon is like so nobody falls into his trap.

You may be questioning why I'm doing this public service announcement, because ever since his 2016 return for that acid trip of a feud against The Undertaker, and Vince McMahon, and the lockbox, Shane O'Mac has been as pure as the driven snow hasn't he?

HELL NAW he hasn't.


The last two-and-a-bit years has convinced me that Shane so far up his own bottom that he can see out of his own mouth. The moment of realisation, for me, happened a year-and-a-bit into his tenure at the height of the Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn rivalry. I stepped back and realised 'bloody hell, Shane really does insert himself into every single top feud on SmackDown, and takes part in matches where he goes toe to toe with the best in the world as if he's on their level even though he's merely a sweaty dad.' Then I realised that Shane McMahon had told his Superstars, to their lovely faces no less, that SmackDown Live was going to be the 'land of opportunity', and after too long of The Authority boring us to tears with 20-minutes of the same promo to kick off Raw each week, Mr. O'Mac said SmackDown was going to be all about the Superstars and not about the management.

The lies, the lies, the lies, the lies.

Shane McMahon obviously considers himself the best in the world in his own head, so I started to call him as such on all of our video content. It's something that has come to bite me in the arse in very recent times, but it's also something I think I've been justified in saying.

There's a lot of evidence stacking up against the good name of Shane McMahon here, and there were a few goings on during this week's SmackDown Live that convinced me a maniacal McMahon is going to be making a return to our screens full-time.

With the Crown Jewel celebration still ringing in all of our eyes, Shane was wheeled out by Paige to a chorus of boos - boos that I anticipated, welcomed with open arms, but also expected to be covered up by Kevin Dunn et al in the post-show edit. The fact Mr. Dunn et al didn't bother, suggests that WWE want us to hear those boos and act accordingly.

Second up is a small moment during that opening promo that some may have missed. Paige, puckering up and kissing cheek like any good subordinate does in their place of work, sees that a photo is taken of Shane with his lovely new world cup trophy. The GM initially tries to get in shot, has a couple of snaps taken, before the self-centered Shane gives her a little push to make sure it's just him in the shot with the CM Punk Memorial Trophy.

It wasn't much, but it was something - especially coming after Shane claimed that he doesn't actually think he's the BITW. "Get out of my shot, Paige, you're not on my level because I'm the best in the world," is what Shane said in his head.

Third up for the prosecution comes when inexplicably, Daniel Bryan makes Shane his first pick to be a part of the SmackDown Live men's team for Survivor Series. Obviously, Miz was always going to pick his heel superior because as they say, 'birds of a feather heel together.' But for Bryan to pick Shane because he has the most on the line at Survivor Series and because he cares more than most about SmackDown Live is ridiculous. Forget about the fact that Shane simply isn't as good at wrestling as the likes of Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, and a whole myriad of others, he cares more, and that's what will win you a wrestling match.

But the thing from this segment that made me think McMahon is definitely still believing he is the best in the world is the way that he accepted a call he surely couldn't have been expecting to come his way. There was a little look of shock - probably because he wasn't perspiring at the time and he simply isn't used to that - but almost straight away, an assertive Shane replied: "OK, I accept then."

There was little doubt in his answer. Shane knows that he is the best in the world, and that means he MUST be involved in a match involving the cream of the crop in WWE. While most people would have said: "Who? Me? No, don't be silly," before eventually being coaxed into a yes, there was none of that nonsense from Shane, proving once more that he really is way more egotistical than the rest of us.


Then, we have the closing stages of the night, where Daniel Bryan was in the ring laying the smacketh down on anything that moved. Of course, to restore order, the best in the world came down to the ring and tried to attack the former WWE Champion from the rear. However, Shane forgot that his former GM has eyes in the back of his head, as Bryan managed to throw a gnarly looking Hip Toss even though he was looking the other way.

Obviously, Bryan is a man who can actually say he is the BITW, because he's proved over the past two decades that he's that damn good. However, the signs of a heelish Shane McMahon shone through when he tried to attack the Universe's sweetheart from behind - I would have thought the best in the world would be able to get the job done without having to resort to dastardly tactics like those, wouldn't you?

So there we have it, a number of clues that point to a heel Shane McMahon remaining on SmackDown Live. I really hope WWE do make it clear that Shane's a heel very soon indeed, as it'll make the last two years of delusion kind of worth it... If they don't, I think my brain will pop.

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