Doudrop: I'm Not Sure NXT Would Have Prepared Me Any More For WWE Live Television

Doudrop went straight to the WWE main roster from NXT UK

Doudrop has said she would have loved the opportunity to work in NXT but does not necessarily believe a stint on the black-and-gold brand would have prepared her any more for live shows on the WWE main roster.

The former Piper Niven moved straight from NXT UK to WWE Monday Night Raw earlier this year, marking the first time she would compete on live television.

The Scottish wrestler has learned to perform on live TV on the fly but does not necessarily feel that time in Orlando with NXT would have made her any more ready.

Speaking on the TQ’s Views podcast, she said: "I have learned that there is absolutely nothing that can prepare you. I kept thinking when I showed up, ‘I’ve never technically had a live TV match before.’ It’s a brand new experience and it wasn’t until I was about to go out for the match that I turned around and said to people, ‘Hey, I’ve never had a match on live TV before, this will be alright, won’t it?'

"They were like [thumbs up]. Maybe I should have let some people know that information. I’ve been thrown in the deep end and luckily I know how to doggie paddle. It’s all gone well so far. I don’t think there is anything like let-ups.

"I would have loved to step up to be in NXT and have some matches there and get that experience but, would it have prepared me any better? I don’t think so."

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