Jake Atlas: WWE Really Took Care Of Me When I Got COVID-19 & Needed Therapy

Atlas departed WWE in August

Jake Atlas has praised WWE for how they helped to take care of him when he test positive for coronavirus last year and encouraged him to make use of the therapy they provide.

Atlas has spoken honestly about his battles with his mental health over the last 18 months and previously revealed that WWE had paid for him to go to counselling for six months. 

The 26-year-old, who was released by the promotion in August, said he cannot fault WWE for how they took care of him when he was unwell and going through a difficult time.

Speaking to Denise Salcedo, Atlas said: The first year was magnificent but it was also a very weird year because a pandemic happened. I got Covid around June. That was something I stayed silent on and no one really knew until now. That really affected me, I got really really sick, it affected my lungs, I still feel like it’s affecting me, not like other people who have had complications, but you can definitely feel different, at least I do after getting it.

"So I started to put pressure on my own performances, and kinda just started seeing myself kinda flee away from the wrestler that I was. I feel like in 2019 I was on such a high… It was just an immense amount of pressure, constantly being reminded by the fans that I shouldn’t have gone to WWE, always being told something about what I should have done. It really got to me mentally, then I didn’t feel satisfied with what I did, and I also didn't feel like I was myself. 

"I started training with Roderick Strong weekly, and I trained with him for about 6 months, one of the most positive influences in my career so far. Roderick Strong told me about different avenues that I could take to kinda better my mental health. WWE does provide many things, they provide therapy and counselling and they cover it and they encourage you to take it.

"I remember saying ‘I need to do this or it’s gonna get ugly.’ Up until March of this year, from March of 2020, which was only 3 months into starting there to March 2021 is when I just had a mental breakdown almost every day. There are days when I would just cry, it was just an immense amount of pressure again that I would put on myself. I just didn’t feel like I was breaking out or being myself or getting people to get behind me. I didn’t feel like I was offering anything authentic.

"I remember watching my matches back, and I would see this Jake Atlas on the screen and I remember just being so disconnected from what I was watching on TV. It was really rough and tough but I am glad I got the help that I got. 

"They actually take very good care of you, if you get Covid pretty bad because everyone gets it differently. I know for me it got pretty bad, I was out for about a month, maybe 6 weeks...WWE was always great at taking care of us during the pandemic even to this day to my knowledge."

The full interview between Denise Salcedo & Jake Atlas can be viewed here. In this hour long conversation Atlas breaks down his release from WWE, shares his experience working with the company, talks about his future and so much more. Atlas has also confirmed that this is the only interview he will be doing in regards to his release.

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