Exclusive: Mojo Rawley Reveals WWE Uses Social Media To Determine Which Superstars Get TV Time

Social media is important, it seems

Social media plays a bigger role in WWE than fans may realise, Mojo Rawley has revealed. 

The former Hype Bro recently spoke to Cultaholic Wrestling's Adam Pacitti and Rawley revealed that fans' social media reactions to WWE TV segments are used by the company to determine which Superstars are given time on Raw and SmackDown. 

"I don't know if the fans realise how much power their tweets have but the company sees everything. There's a social media report that's compiled after every TV where they track all the tweets and see if they were generally positive or negative, how many views, how many retweets, likes, all that cr*p. They're delivered for every segment and that's how they dictate TV time moving forward in a way," Rawley stated.

Rawley spent nine years in WWE from 2012 until he was released in April 2021. Mojo gave his thoughts on his WWE run while playing 'Hype Or Not Hype' with Adam Pacitti. Check out the full video below:

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