Drew McIntyre Hits Out At 'Snakes In The Grass' During First WWE Run

He's detailed it in his new book, A Chosen Destiny

Drew McIntyre has opened up how 'snakes in the grass' during his first run in WWE tried to derail his career before it really got going. 

McIntyre, despite now being one of WWE's biggest superstars, was released in 2014 by the promotion less than five years after being dubbed 'The Chosen One' by Vince McMahon.

That proclamation by McMahon pushed McIntyre into a huge spotlight, something he claims annoyed a number of older wrestlers backstage who didn't want to lose their spot to the young Scotsman. 

The now two-time WWE Champion says that those particular individuals who be kind to his face, but then trash talk him behind his back.

Writing in his new book, A Chosen Destiny, as per Daily Star, McIntyre said: "There were a few older Superstars nearing the end of their careers in the ring who felt that they deserved any big opportunities going. Why was this young kid coming in and not only getting a lion’s share of the limelight, but also being endorsed as a future world heavyweight champion?

"Among the wrestlers on the roster, there’s a blurred line between ring names and real names. Outside the ring, too, rivalries and antagonisms exist, just as they do in any workplace. The sort of smouldering resentment that might fuel theatrics in the ring was, I later learned, aimed at me by a few in the locker room.

"Years later, I heard about the negative things that had been brought up in meetings about me, of which I was completely unaware at the time.

"At the time, it was hard to know there were a few snakes in the grass. Everyone was nice to my face. Some gave advice, but not the best. Or went to management and embellished on half-truths or things that were not true at all."

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