Drew McIntyre Interested In Facing John Cena At WWE WrestleMania 39

What a match this would be!

Drew McIntyre says his dream match for WWE WrestleMania 39 in 2023 would be a huge one-on-one clash with John Cena.

McIntyre has established himself as one of WWE's biggest stars in the last 18 months, becoming a huge aspect of the weekly Raw broadcast during the pandemic era. 

The Scottish Warrior recently took part in a fan interview as a part of his media duties, put together with T-Mobile, and was asked who he would like to face when WrestleMania returns to Hollywood in 2023.

The former WWE Champion, while interested in a match with The Rock, also wants to see 'The Great One' face Roman Reigns, so named Cena for himself.

He said: "If we’re going Hollywood, Rock would be the obvious choice. I kind of want to see Rock and Roman, so I’ll take Cena since he’s kind of gone Hollywood."

The fan agreed, pitching a scenario where McIntyre held the WWE Championship and Cena was chasing his record-breaking 17th reign with the Title.

McIntyre was more than on board. 

"It would be a great story. Absolutely, I like it," The Scottish star responded.

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