Drew McIntyre Pitched Triple H Match For WWE WrestleMania

McIntyre requested a 'Mania match with Triple H several times

During an interview with TalkSport to promote the upcoming Clash at the Castle event at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre revealed that he repeatedly pitched a WrestleMania match with Triple H after his return to the company in 2017. 

Talking about the process of requesting a bout with The Game and getting to lock up with his mentor on a non-televised live event, the Scotsman said: 

"I pitched at every opportunity I could. How about us at WrestleMania? 'What's the story?' [Triple H said] and I'd say 'What's the story? We'll figure it out, but what about you and me at WrestleMania?!'. How awesome would that be?

"We got in the ring together a few times during my first run but when I returned, we did do a match in Japan with myself, Dolph Ziggler and I can't remember my other partners. But it was against The Good Brothers, AJ Styles and Hunter. That was really cool. 

"We got in the ring together, we didn't have anything in mind and we just went for it. It was cool to go back and forth a little bit and you understand just how good he is, what a ring general he is. 

"You can see watching, but you don't know until you're in there with them just how good. Just some interactions during an 8-man tag in Japan I could tell like 'wow, he's really frigging good'". 

Unfortunately, McIntyre will now never get to wrestle The Cerebral Assassin one-on-one as Triple H officially retired from in-ring competition earlier this year, due to a heart condition. 

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