Drew McIntyre Reacts To Jinder Mahal's WWE Release

Drew McIntyre has commented on his former 3MB ally

Jinder Mahal was one of the individuals released from WWE over this last weekend, alongside other names in Xia Li, Veer, Sanga, and Xyon Quinn. Reports indicated that there was sympathy backstage for those let go, but notably for Mahal, who many believed hadn’t really been given a chance to do anything substantial for several years from a creative point of view.

There have been comments made publicly by WWE talent, one of those being Drew McIntyre, who posted a picture of himself and Mahal on X during their time in the 3MB faction, with the caption of, We showed them once. Now show them again, brother.”

McIntyre is referencing the fact that the pair were released from WWE back in 2014, before reinventing themselves, going under physical transformations, and eventually each returning to the company where they both become WWE Champion. “Them” in his post is more than likely meaning the higher ups in WWE.

Mahal’s only comment at this time was a post on X stating that he was “quitting”, though it was confirmed by sources that he was in fact being released rather than this being a case of him walking out.

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Written by Andrew Kelly