Drew McIntyre Understands Fans Who Say He's Been In The WWE Title Picture Too Much

McIntyre regularly competed for the Title over the last 18 months

Drew McIntyre says he can understand WWE fans who want to see other people in the WWE Championship picture instead of him. 

McIntyre had revolved around the WWE Title for the last 18 months, since winning his first World Title in WWE at WrestleMania 36 last April.

The Scotsman competed for the Title regularly up until Hell In A Cell 2021 last month amid a section of fans wanting to see McIntyre move across into other storylines, and the former WWE Champion says he get it.

Speaking on episode 195 of The A Show on RNC RADIO, McIntyre said: "The thing about my run is I lost a lot of those big moments with the live fans getting behind me and obviously from before Royal Rumble when I won in 2020 right up to Mania, I was getting the loudest reactions and Mania would have been incredible and I would have had those significant months of significant moments which I missed out on. 

"Like we talked about, I have been in and around the WWE Title since January 2020 which is completely insane in today’s day and age and understandably, people can say, okay — I don’t think they’ve ever said, ‘You know what? Drew’s terrible at his job, screw him. We want someone else.’ They’re like, ‘Okay, we like Drew, but we’ve seen him a lot in this situation. Let’s try him over here for a second and let’s see if someone else can step up’ which I’m all about and the trust is — obviously that’s our vocal minority and I’m the biggest wrestling fan ever.

"I still think like an internet fan if you like at times but also I think about the bigger picture and it’s gonna be interesting to have the live crowds, how they respond to certain talents and I don’t mind either way. All I care about is if people care enough to react, if they cheer, if they boo. As long as there’s not silence or indifference."

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