Big E: Winning WWE Money In The Bank Is Just The Beginning

What’s next for Big E?

After an up-and-down past year in ring, and after years of fan support, Big E took the first step towards WWE’s main event by winning the Money in the Bank ladder match at MITB 2021 this past Sunday.

Speaking to WWE’s Megan Morant after the match, Big E talked up his big win, saying:

“It signifies for me… it’s just been a lot of years of working and trying to be in this position, to be at the very top and feeling like you know, we’ve been crowned the best tag team of all-time, but like that’s how they see me, that’s my position in this company, and that’s it. But for me, to show that I can run with the ball, that means everything, and I’ll say it until I’m on my death bed – I don’t get there without Kof and Woods, I don’t get there without The New Day. I’m thankful, man, I’m thankful.

“The work just starts here. The work… just starts here, man. There’s no resting on my laurels, there’s no thinking I’ve made it. You got the briefcase, but I’m not a World Champion, yet. You put that on my resume and you can never take that away from me. You can never take away World Champion from me. Put that on my epitaph.”

Big E continued:

“This is just the beginning,” Big E said. “This is not a ‘I made it’ moment, this is not a ‘Rest on my laurels’ moment, this is a ‘I’m coming for you’ moment. Y’all have a target on your backs, and becoming World Champion… I’m not stopping there, either. I’m not stopping. This is a great first step, this is a night I won’t forget.”

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