Drew McIntyre Wants Brock Lesnar If He Wins WWE Royal Rumble 2020

Scottish Psychopath reveals plans...

There is a chance that Drew McIntyre could come face-to-face with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar during this Sunday's men's Royal Rumble match.

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No matter what happens inside Houston, Texas' Minute Maid Park, The Scottish Psychopath has revealed that if he was to be the man to win the Rumble, The Beast would be his first choice at WrestleMania: “If I won the Rumble, it’s the same guy I’ve had in mind for years. I’d fight Brock Lesnar in a second,” McIntyre told TV Insider.

“A lot of people on the roster genuinely wouldn’t want to get in the ring with him. They are terrified of the idea. I want to get in the ring with him. I know we could put on a heck of a spectacle and a fight.

“There aren’t many who can stand toe-to-toe with me. That’s someone I definitely want. He gets this criticism that he doesn’t show up to work all the time and this and that. The way I look at it, he was offered the contract. He signed the contract. It’s not his fault. The only problem I have is the title is not on the shows and live events. We need the title back.”

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