Dutch Mantell Fears For Cody Rhodes Following WWE Signing

Cody is believed to have re-signed with WWE following his AEW exit

After weeks of speculation, it seems as though Cody Rhodes has indeed re-signed with WWE following his shock AEW exit.

Tentative plans are that Rhodes will face Seth Rollins at WWE WrestleMania 38, but not everyone is excited, with ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell voicing his fears of how WWE will handle Cody, saying the following on Smack Talk:

"This is what I fear. I fear Cody going there, and he'll be a big deal one week, two weeks, and the third week he's slack. Then the fourth week he's fading into the background. By the sixth week, all the buzz is gone and he's just another guy. That's what I fear, because that's what they have shown us as what they can do. Cody is not anywhere near the star his daddy was, I don't think he's anywhere near the star his brother was. Is he going to be Cody Rhodes? Is he going to have some kind of Starman gimmick? I think he's a good addition but I don't see him moving the needle at all.”

H/T: Sportskeeda Wrestling

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