EC3 Claims Velveteen Dream Tried To Film WWE Talents In The Bathroom

The incident reportedly took place at a house party EC3 was hosting shortly after his NXT debut

Things continue to go from bad to worse for former WWE star Patrick Clark, AKA Velveteen Dream. 

Recent reports indicate that Clark has been arrested three times within the past year, with two of those arrests occurring within one week of each other in the month of August.

Now, former WWE star EC3 has accused Clark of secretly trying to film WWE talents as they used the bathroom during a house party that EC3 hosted. 

Speaking with Sportskeeda's 'The Wrestling Outlaws' show, he alleged that he caught Clark using his phone to capture people urinating. 

"We had a party and it was at my place, and he came over because I'm being friendly and I'm top guy and I tried to welcome everybody into the thing. He left his phone in my bathroom with the camera on trying to capture people taking p*sses, so there," he said. 

When he discovered what was happening, EC3 said he took the phone, deleted the recording and put the phone back in its place, at which point he claims he caught Clark going back into the bathroom to retrieve the device. 

EC3 ended up calling an end to the festivities at his house and later confided in some of his friends about his discovery, which led to some backstage drama within NXT. 

The incident occurred before EC3 worked a programme with Velveteen Dream, culminating in a match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4. Adding injury to insult, the former TNA Champion suffered a 'life-changing' concussion a few minutes into the bout.

H/T Sportskeeda

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