EC3 Thinks Control Your Narrative Would Have Grown Too Quickly & Collapsed With Braun Strowman As The Top Star

CYN would have been a disaster either way

Control Your Narrative - the independent wrestling promotion funded by EC3 and Braun Strowman - had big plans for 2022. The promotion held their first live events early in the year and there were plans in place for a live event tour but it ended up being scrapped after two of their featured stars in Strowman and Karrion Kross ended up returning to WWE. 

EC3 announced shortly after Strowman's return to WWE that CYN was being scaled back and nothing has been heard about the promotion's future since. 

Strowman's return to WWE may have been fortunate for Control Your Narrative, though, as EC3 believes the promotion would have grown too quickly and collapsed under its own weight if Strowman had been CYN's top star. 

"I think it added too much pressure early (Braun Strowman's name value being added to Control Your Narrative). So everything happened the way it should have happened. When you have a high level, you know, former main eventer, former worlds champion, you have that pressure to do something immediately and the infrastructure, like I said, wasn't prepared or ready so, I'm very happy he's happy, we're pals, everything is good. I think we would have grown too quickly and probably collapsed under our own weight if things went on as they did too. Just based on that name value and what it attracted that we needed a foundation before we have anything and if we have a struggling foundation but a giant mantlepiece on top of it, dude's big, it's gonna crumble," EC3 told the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast.

Strowman is currently featured on Monday Night Raw as part of a tag team with Ricochet. EC3, meanwhile, is a part of the National Wrestling Alliance.

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