Eddie Kingston Believes He'd Get Fired "Real Quick" For Cutting His Promos In WWE

The "Mad King" doesn't care for structure

Eddie Kingston's first act in AEW was to cut a promo on Cody Rhodes. Since then, his highly-regarded mic skills have been on display for a wider audience to see.

In a Q&A session on AdFreeShows, Kingston discussed the structure of his promos and matches, or lack thereof.

"I don't go into wrestling matches thinking about structure," Kingston admitted. "I'm in my zone and I think about what I'd do to this person for real. Structure and stuff just comes with it.

"Structuring promos, I just need to know the person, the day, the time, and why. Sometimes, I start repeating myself so maybe sometimes I should structure it. Matches, I just go in there and fight and see how people react. Everyone talks about calling stuff. That's not me."

Following the match with Rhodes last summer, Kingston received a job offer from WWE. However, Kingston admits that WWE's more tightly-scripted environment would not be to his liking.

"I wouldn't like it, but I'd do my job. I love this, it's my passion, but it's also my job. Whoever I'm working for, if they tell me 'we need you to say whatever,' I do it. I wouldn't be happy, but I'd do it. I'd probably get in trouble and fired real quick because I'd slide in certain things about myself. My mother knew that and that's why she said sign with AEW."

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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