Eddie Kingston Thinks About Setting Chris Jericho On Fire At Least Once A Day

Eddie Kingston fantasises daily about setting Chris Jericho on fire

It’s one of the most iconic shots in All Elite Wrestling history; Eddie Kingston, absolutely leaking blood from every pore, shuffling to the ring with a can of gasoline hoping to set Chris Jericho on fire.

Whilst Kingston ultimately failed in his attempts at setting ‘The Ocho’ alight during their Anarchy in the Arena match at AEW Double or Nothing 2022, the Continental Crown Champion still fantasises about lighting Jericho up, saying the following to's Steve Fall:

"At least twice a day, someone thinks about that… It runs through my head at least once while I'm like, 'Man, I was really close to setting them on fire… maybe the PPV buys would have went up afterwards. Like ‘hey, did you see Chris Jericho get set on fire by Eddie Kingston’ and they're like, ‘no’. They're like, ‘Oh, I gotta order it,’” said Kingston.

One wrestler who did play with a fire a lot during his career was Terry Funk, and in the same interview Kingston spoke of why so many people hold ‘The Funker’ in such high esteem:

"Oh, because of his passion for wrestling and he did it right,” said Kingston. “You never hear anyone say anything bad about Terry. To me when I noticed that about him, that's a goal. I know people have bad things to say about me but I'm trying my best to not have them say back and I'm trying to be like Terry in that sense that someone who does good business and who was respected in our industry and I think that's what Terry left behind. He left how to do it, you know what I mean? And how to be a pro and how to conduct yourself as such. So that's why I think Terry influenced everybody because of what he did in the ring but also what he did outside of the ring. And you hear the stories about him not being selfish and about him being willing to help the younger generation of guys. ECW wouldn't have popped off if it wasn't for Terry Funk. People can say whatever they want, but Funk was there in 93, 94 really helping that company grow.”


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