Edge Didn't Want To Be In WWE's First Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Oh what might have been...

When you think of Money In The Bank, one of the first WWE superstars that comes to mind has to be Edge. 

The Rated-R Superstar won the first-ever Money In The Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 21, before cashing in on John Cena at the start of 2006, establishing the precedent that 'anytime, anywhere' truly meant exactly that.

A two-time Money In The Bank holder, it may be a surprise to learn that Edge was extremely reluctant to be involved in the match's inception in 2005.

Speaking on WWE's The Bump, Edge revealed: "I wish I could say that I had this vision of how it would become its own pay-per-view. No, not at all. As a matter of fact, when they first told me that I'd be in this thing called the Money in the Bank match, I said 'another ladder match?' Like I don't wanna be a ladder match guy. I wanna do more than that. I want a straight wrestling match. 

"And I actually said 'don't put me in it. I'll find my way on WrestleMania another way, and if I'm not on this year then I'll make sure I'm on next year but I'm tired of ladder matches. I don't wanna get pigeonholed for that.' That was not very bright thinking. So finally, and this sounds so stupid, but I had to be talked into participating in the match.

"It wasn't until about eight months in, holding this briefcase, carrying it with me on every plane, coz I had to take that thing everywhere. That's when I started to realize. And when I came out at New Year's Revolution and I heard the crowd, that's when I went 'Oh man, this is something. This is something very cool.'

"And then to be involved in like the next five years worth of cash-ins, either it was I cashed-in or it was cashed-in on me, or I was in the match where it was cashed-in. It's so amazing to sit back and think I was a huge part of Money in the Bank, which is now a pay-per-view and TLC which is now a pay-per-view. That's really cool."

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