Edge Reflects On The SmackDown Six Era In WWE

The work of Edge, Mysterio, Angle, Benoit, and Los Guerreros set the blueprint for the blue brand

When WWE’s brand split officially took flight in 2002, Raw essentially became ‘The Triple H show’, whilst a Paul Heyman led SmackDown became the home of the ‘SmackDown Six’.

Consisting of Edge, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, and Los Guerreros Eddie and Chavo, The SmackDown Six’s crisp in-ring work, and clashes in singles matches and tag action made the blue brand a hot commodity amongst fans, and is still heralded as SmackDown’s creative peak nearly two decades on.

And it seems as though Edge himself agrees, saying on The Kurt Angle Show:

“When we started that idea of the SmackDown Tag Titles, I knew with those six, with those six talents — and I’m sure Paul thought this as well, ‘I can mix and match every week.’ No matter what mix or match it is, they’re gonna crush it. Whether it’s Eddie and Edge one week, and Benoit and Rey, or [Kurt Angle] and Chavo, and then flip them the next week, and then flip them again. I mean, there are so many scenarios, you can go with that to me that, again, so much fun.

“I think back to No Mercy [2002] and that tag match we had for the inaugural tournament, and it was [Kurt] and Chris against me and Rey, and it was just to be in there with three other guys like that and just performing at that level, you know, you can’t really explain it. It’s hard to put into words when stuff like that is just bam, bam, bam, and it’s exactly how you envisioned it and then some.”

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