Edge To Appear On 10/1 WWE SmackDown

It's also the first night of the draft

Edge will be appearing on next week's SmackDown in Baltimore, the first night of the 2021 WWE Draft.

Edge confirmed his appearance on Friday night, tweeting to Seth Rollins "I'll see you at SmackDown next week."

Rollins defeated Edge at the Madison Square Garden SmackDown on September 10, for which Edge was stretchered out afterward. Rollins cut a promo on last week's SmackDown, initially feigning remorse over what he did to Edge, before making it clear that he wants to finish Edge off for good. He then told Edge to either come crawling back to the ring, or he'd hunt him down.

Rollins reiterated his threats on this week's SmackDown, demanding that Edge show up next week and deem him superior. Edge responded via the aforementioned tweet.

The two have faced off twice, with Edge winning the opening battle at SummerSlam on August 21. Rollins, as noted, won the rematch two weeks ago on SmackDown.

The October 1 SmackDown marks the first night of the WWE Draft. The second half takes place on the October 4 episode of Raw.

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