EJ Nduka Feels "Blindsided" Following WWE Release

Nduka was let go last week

WWE continued their latest set of releases last week and EJ Nduka was let go along with a number of other NXT talents.

The former bodybuilder had been with the company for a couple of years and people within WWE reportedly believed he had the physical attributes to be a major star.

Fightful caught up with Nduka following his release and he admitted he still feels "blindsided" by what happened. 

"I still feel kind of blindsided, but at the same time I feel full of faith. I know the future has a lot and is very promising. I'm still processing things and it's fresh. Feeling blindsided is an understatement. How everything happened was out of nowhere," he said. 

Despite his release, Nduka is looking to continue wrestling and he already has promotions reaching out. 

"I believe June 19 I can technically start working and get back on the scene. Yeah (I've had offers). It wasn't even in two hours after I got released, my DMs, all these promotions asking me (to work). I wasn't really familiar with the non-compete clause, I didn't know if it was 30 days or 90 days. Main roster is 90, NXT is 30. Originally, I was like, 'Ah man, I can't do anything from three months.' They were like, 'No, check that again.' We looked at the contract and saw it was 30 days, so we answered accordingly," Nduka added.

"I just want to say that the positive feedback...Twitter is normally the world of trolls, but I haven't received one bad message or comment. It's been supportive. I'm like, 'Where were yall when I was there? Why are you giving me my flowers now?' It's one of those things where you get your flowers when you pass away. I'm here now, let me get my flowers."

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