Kofi Kingston: Randy Orton Has To Be In the Conversation For Best Wrestler In the World

"What Randy does is unique in that way. He does so much without doing anything at all."

Kofi Kingston believes that a conversation about who the best wrestler in the world is has to include WWE's Randy Orton.

Social media has been flooded with various names and opinions on the subject ever since AEW's Jim Ross named Orton as his personal best. Other wrestlers have touted AEW champion Kenny Omega while WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns has also been mentioned.

Kingston, who has been involved in multiple feuds in WWE with Orton, believes The Viper has to be included in the debate.

“The whole premise of ‘who is the best’ [is] really subjective,” Kingston told The Daily Star. “As far as Randy is concerned, I think he has the ability to do so many things so well. A lot of people think that because he doesn’t do a lot of moves, he’s not good, but that’s simply not true.

"The industry is not about the moves; it is about being able to connect with the crowd and express what you’re thinking without saying things a lot – to make people watch you. If you watch Randy move around the ring, he moves so slowly and every step has a purpose – you can’t take your eyes off him, yet he doesn’t ‘do’ anything, right? To be able to do that is an absolute talent.

"He looks a certain way, he flexes in a certain way. You feel that. That’s the stuff that makes you great and not just good. What Randy does is unique in that way. He does so much without doing anything at all, so I’d have to put him in the conversation as being one of the greatest.

"To be able to last so long… he’s even more compelling now in a lot of different ways. So as a performer, you can’t have the conversation [about the greatest] without having Randy be in there, from the longevity alone. That doesn’t happen by accident."

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