Elias & Jaxson Ryker Split Up On WWE Raw

Their team is no more

Jaxson Ryker recently noted in an interview that he wasn't sure how long his tag team with Elias would last and their partnership is no more only one week later.

The split comes as somewhat of a surprise as Elias and Ryker had been on a roll in recent weeks and earned a shot at the Raw Tag Team Championship. 

That is where their partnership crumbled, though, and Elias walked out on the former Forgotten Son during last night's title match, leaving him easy prey for Omos and AJ Styles. 

Kevin Patrick then caught up with Elias after the match and The Drifter revealed thinking about being on the road with Ryker in a couple of months made him feel sick. 

"Jaxson Ryker has become unhinged," Elias said. "When he came, he wanted to walk with me. He knew if he opened himself up to my genius and I took all of his attributes and his incredible strength, I could mould him into something special. But last week, when I was in danger, he was running from Elias. He was looking out for himself. His priorities, they're just all out of whack."

After Kevin Patrick pointed out that Ryker defeated AJ Styles last week, The Drifter continued: "With my help. With my help. But where was he when I needed help? Listen, Jaxson Ryker is a veteran and I respect that 100 percent. He's an incredible athlete. His strength and stamina it's through the roof, but he's unpredictable. That's what worries me. Now listen, we're very close to getting back on the road, live shows and millions of people wanting to walk with Elias. But the idea of sitting in a car going town to town for hours at a time next to Jaxson Ryker makes me sick. I don't want to be around him anymore."

Elias and Jaxson Ryker formed an unlikely pairing back in December 2020. They feuded with Braun Strowman and The New Day before their eventual split on last night's Raw. 

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