Mansoor Reveals He's Getting New WWE Theme Music

WWE have also asked him to put on some muscle mass

Mansoor has revealed that WWE are working on a new theme song and new graphics for him, while saying the company have also asked him to try and put on some more muscle.

Mansoor debuted on Raw a couple of weeks ago, facing off against United States champion Sheamus. The 25-year-old says that, now he knows where he is, it's important to establish who he is. 

With that in mind, the 25-year-old says he and the promotion are working on changing his character slightly, incorporating a new song and new graphics. 

WWE have also asked Mansoor to add some muscle mass to his frame. 

Writing in his regular column for ArabNews.com, Mansoor said: "We are working on my image — new music, new logos etc. — because now I have been introduced, it is important to establish my character on the show. To do all of that on a huge stage such as RAW is a little intimidating, but very exciting.

"I am growing, learning and having these huge life experiences, and it is bizarre to think about how crazy this journey has been. The transition from performing on NXT to performing on RAW or SmackDown is so big. To even appear on the show once puts you in such an exclusive club so I take it as a privilege.

"One of the things WWE said is they would like me to put on some muscle mass, and right now I am working with Sheamus’s personal trainer, who has been really helpful. I am counting my macronutrients and calories, and recording all of my reps and sets in the gym. It is crazy how much difference writing stuff down and tracking it makes."

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