WWE's Vince McMahon Admits He Was 'Freaked Out' By Mankind's Fall From Hell In A Cell

The boss felt Undertaker and Foley went 'too far'

Vince McMahon has admitted to being 'freaked out' during Mankind's Hell In A Cell Match with The Undertaker in 1998, saying he felt the bout went 'too far'. 

Mankind and Undertaker had one of the most unforgettable ever matches in wrestling history at King Of The Ring 1998, with Foley being thrown off the cell by 'Taker and through the announce table. 

Later in the match, Mankind was also choke-slammed through the cell and into the ring, in a spot that wasn't meant to happen.

McMahon was one of the WWE personalities that turned up at ringside to try and help Foley after his first fall from the cell, and the WWE Chairman revealed he was freaked out by the moment. 

The WWE boss also said he had a duty of care for Foley and felt the two WWE talent went too far.

McMahon said, as a part of Mick Foley's A&E documentary: "Everyone was freaked out, including me. This was too far. This was like, wait a minute. You've set yourself on fire in Japan or whatever he did, but this was moreover on my watch."

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