Enzo Amore Taken To Hospital After Getting Knocked Out During Match

A scary moment for the former WWE star

Enzo Amore was taken to the hospital after being knocked unconscious during a match at an independent event in Dallas on Saturday night.

The former WWE Cruiserweight champion was wrestling his first ever match for the Southwest Wrestling Entertainment promotion, when he sustained a DDT on the floor outside the ring. The accident occurred just before intermission.

According to an update from Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on Saturday night's Wrestling Observer Radio, Amore was "knocked completely out" and was removed from ringside via stretcher, before being taken to the hospital.

Alvarez stated, "Enzo was doing a show tonight and apparently took a DDT during a spot outside and got knocked unconscious and the story was he was taken to the hospital, and hopefully he’s alright. That’s all we know right now."

Amore did manage to tweet on Sunday morning, simply writing, "Thanks everybody".

There's no further official word on his condition following the mishap.

This is believed to be Amore's second match of 2021, after previously competing at a Lariato Pro event in Georgia in February (the same event where former partner Big Cass made his wrestling return).

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