Eric Bischoff On A Full-Time Return To Wrestling: "That's In My Rearview Mirror"

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Eric Bischoff's time working full-time in the professional wrestling business is over. 

Bischoff has had high-profile positions in WCW, WWE and TNA during his career and he remains involved in wrestling today through his 83 Weeks podcast and sporadic appearances in AEW. He admitted on the Angle Podcast, though, that he would reject an offer of a full-time return to the business should one present itself. 

"It's hard to describe. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. It's just interesting because I think for the last 6 months or year of my life, maybe a little longer, I've finally gone, you know what, that's in my rearview mirror," Bischoff said. 

"And I'm going to be really honest with you here, I've never had this conversation on a podcast with anybody. Even though I've been out of the business as a full-time person, when was the last time I was full time maybe 6 or 7 years ago in 2014. I dabbled a little bit. I do a little thing here and a little thing there, still very interested in the business. Doing my podcast, which kind of keeps me connected to the industry," he continued. 

"For the last year and a half, you know what, if somebody called me today and said here's this huge check I want you to come in and do this, for the first time in 30 or however many years, I wouldn't do it. Because it's that time to mentally and emotionally walk away from it."

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