Eric Bischoff Predicts Daniel Bryan Will Return To WWE In Backstage Role

Bryan's WWE contract reportedly expired last month

Eric Bischoff believes Daniel Bryan will return to WWE but may choose to come back in a backstage role rather than as a performer.

Bryan's contract with WWE reportedly expired in April and he was written off television after losing a Universal Championship match on SmackDown against Roman Reigns. In defeat, Bryan was banished from the blue brand. 

The former WWE Champion has openly discussed his contract situation with WWE in the media, saying he does not have a desire to continue working a full-time schedule and speculating on potential matches outside of the company, but former SmackDown Executive Producer Bischoff feels Bryan will be back under the WWE Umbrella soon. 

However, Bischoff believes Bryan's creativity and the amount of respect Vince McMahon has for him means it's possible his return could be in a backstage capacity.

Speaking on the For The Heat Podcast, Bischoff said: "Well, I think he may be under a little bit of pressure from his step-father-in-law and all of you who are listening who don't know, it's a little bit of a family affair going on in the WWE with regards to the Daniel Bryan family because Johnny Laurinaitis, aka, Johnny Ace is the head of the talent relations. The guy who has the responsibility to sign new talent and manage existing talent, he is actually Daniel Bryan's father-in-law. A little weight, isn't it?

"I've only worked with Daniel Bryan briefly. My thinking is that he is going to come back to WWE, perhaps not as a performer, as talent; I see him on the creative side of the table. I think he is a very creative guy. He's got good instincts. 

"I know that Vince McMahon respects him. I experienced that while I was there, so my bet, he will re-sign with WWE, but he will get more involved either in creative or as a producer."

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