Eric Bischoff Says 'Nothing Good' Came Out Of WCW Signing Bret Hart

Eric Bischoff calls Bret Hart's WCW signing a 'lose-lose-lose' situation

Former SVP of WCW Eric Bischoff has lamented signing Bret Hart to the promotion in 1997. 

The Hitman accepted a lucrative offer to join WCW and left WWE, only for his WCW run to turn out to be a significant disappointment. 

Asked if he regretted signing anyone during his time in charge of the Ted Turner-owned organisation during a recent edition of 83 Weeks, Bischoff said: 

"No reflection on him, but Bret Hart. I mean, nothing good came out of it. Not for him. Not for us. Not for the fans. Everybody lost."

When asked what the five-time WWE Champion's alternatives would have been, Easy E responded: 

"Either he would have [gone to ECW or Japan] or he would have gone back and worked for Vince for a significantly less amount of money than he had been promised. I'm sure Bret would say the same thing. It may be the one time we'll agree on something. That was just a bad situation. I strive for, embrace, and I'm grateful for opportunities where everybody wins. If there's three parties involved, and it's a win-win-win situation, that's optimal, right? You hope for these types of opportunities throughout your career or your life. With Bret, it was a lose-lose-lose, and for that reason alone, I wish I wouldn't have done it."

Hart's in-ring career essentially came to an end when Goldberg accidentally kicked him in the head during the main event of Starrcade 1999, leading to a longstanding and well-documented grudge (from Bret's perspective at least). 

The 66-year-old has long maintained that WCW didn't use him correctly, while frequently pointing out the backstage turmoil that engulfed the company at the time. 

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