Eric Bischoff Thinks CM Punk Humiliated Tony Khan With AEW Media Scrum Rant

Eric Bischoff comments on CM Punk's AEW All Out media scrum

CM Punk didn't hold back during his All Out media scrum on September 4, taking shots at the AEW EVPs, Hangman Page, and Colt Cabana in a seemingly planned rant that ultimately led to a backstage altercation with The Elite and caused Punk, Kenny Omega, Ace Steel, The Young Bucks, and several others to be suspended by AEW. 

While Punk went on his tirade, AEW President Tony Khan was sat next to the then-AEW World Champion and largely allowed Punk to take shots at people within the promotion, only interjecting on a few occasions. 

Giving his thoughts on the media scrum, Eric Bischoff noted on his 83 Weeks podcast that he thinks CM Punk humiliated Khan. 

"The worst part of what happened in that media circus was the level to which Phil Brooks, whatever his name is, Phil went to humiliate Tony Khan. He eviscerated him. First, he cut his b*lls off, made him look like a complete tool, and then when that wasn't enough, and he had more time to just ramble on, I think he humiliated Tony Khan. Now I've said some things about Tony. Other people have said some things about Tony that aren't flattering, but just to sit next to a guy that you're paying millions of dollars to and have him trash your company and make you look like a complete f*cking tool, which he did. It's not the fight. I don't give two sh*ts about the fight. The only thing I would have cared about in the fight is who got the best shot. I think the way Phil humiliated Tony, that was unforgivable," Bischoff said.

"I never had anything like that happen to me. Now, guys would say sh*t that was leaked to the media because that's what a lot of guys did back then. They would leak things to the media to try to help execute their agenda or get a point across that they couldn't otherwise make. That sh*t happened and it bothered me, but nobody ever sat next to me in a media scrum just completely trashing my company and making me look like a complete as*hole. That never happened."

Due to the suspensions, the long-term futures of CM Punk, Ace Steel and The Elite are unknown but reports have noted that many within the promotion do not want Punk to ever return. This is something Bischoff agrees with and he noted that he can't see a scenario in which you would keep the two-time AEW World Champion under contract. 

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