Eric Bischoff: WWE Is On A Different Planet Than AEW Right Now

Is Bischoff being controversial again?

Eric Bischoff does not believe WWE are overly concerned with All Elite Wrestling or how the newer promotion is performing. 

AEW announced last week that they would return to hosting live events with crowds in July. It has been reported that WWE will start touring again in July as well, although the company is yet to make any official announcement. 

Bischoff was asked what WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would think of AEW resuming touring before WWE, but the former SmackDown Executive Director genuinely does not believe McMahon is all that concerned.

When asked, Bischoff said on his 83 Weeks Podcast: "I don’t think Vince cares. I know wrestling fans like to think that there’s this battle between AEW and WWE. I’m not in WWE offices, so I’m going to suggest based on my experience and the relationships that I have with people that are in WWE, the very fact that I made an appearance on AEW a month before they inducted me into the Hall of Fame suggests to me that they really don’t care.

"Are they aware? Sure. Is Vince McMahon walking around kicking people in the ass saying ‘God dammit, how did they beat us to the punch?’

"I know people like to think that’s the case because deep down inside they want another wrestling war, but it isn’t. It’s just not no matter how much people want to pretend it is. It’s cosplay folks. 

"WWE is on a different planet than AEW right now. That’s because AEW is about 24 months old or so, WWE has been around for decades and decades and decades. A lot of catching up to do folks, there is no war. There is no angst or anxiety from WWE in my opinion when it comes to AEW."

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