Eric Rowan Willing To Shave Beard In Wrestling Storyline

"I said if I get a role that’s good enough, I will, I will shave it."

The former Eric Rowan has revealed he is willing to shave his iconic beard for the right acting role, and would do so in a wrestling storyline.

The 39-year-old was released by WWE last April as a part of their COVID-19-related cutbacks and has made it evident that he would love to make the step in acting. 

Rowan, real name Joseph Rudd, knows he might have to get rid of his big beard in order to land such an acting role and would be more than happy to do so, should the part be right, and would even look to have it shaved off as part of a wrestling angle. 

Speaking to former WWE Superstar, Matt Rehwoldt (Aiden English), on the Straight Shooting podcast, he said: "I’ve actually joked with the wife about this. She does not want it to go. She loves it. She’s afraid it won’t grow back. She’s afraid my face will completely change my chin structure. But I said if I get a role that’s good enough, I will, I will shave it.

"But if I knew I was going to shave the beard, I would make sure to get a wrestling booking in which I can tell a story to cut the beard."

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