Chris Harris Wants Full-Time IMPACT Return

The Wildcat recently returned for James Storm’s 1000th IMPACT match

Former NWA World Tag Team Champion Wildcat Chris Harris has stated his desire for a full-time return with IMPACT.

Harris recently returned to IMPACT after 10 years away, appearing ringside for former partner James Storm’s 1000th IMPACT match - a victory over Eric Young - and in a recent interview with the Counted Out 7 podcast stated that he wants more:

“My long-term goal would definitely be Impact. I really don’t have an interest in anywhere else. I just feel like I’m comfortable there, I know everybody, and I feel like if I can ever get my foot in the door as far as some kind of backstage role, I would love to get into that. I think I would be good at something like that…If I get the call again I’d love to keep doing something. It’s fresh in everybody’s minds, so I think it’d be really good. Like I said, I got a lot of good feedback so I think the fans would really get into something like that, so that’d be cool, but I stay in touch with everybody there, but yeah it’s just a one off right now and then we’ll see where it goes.”

Harris had seven reigns with the NWA World Tag Team Titles whilst in TNA, with six of those reigns with James Storm as America’s Most Wanted. Harris was asked who he’d like to face if he returned to IMPACT’s tag scene:

“If I could go like I used to man, I’d love to get in there with Gallows and Anderson! I think we would tear it up!…I feel like I can contribute. The best way I can right now is doing some kind of backstage role whether its agent or producer. Now that I got a taste of being on TV, I’d love to do something with Storm if there’s anything available, as far as, you know, being in his corner. You know, of course that’d be something the company would have to decide, but Storm and I loved the time that we reunited and you know he can still go, so I’d love to be in his corner or doing something like that, that would be great.”

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