Erick Redbeard Reveals Why He Didn't Want To Join Dark Order

Erick Redbeard talks about not wanting to become a Dark Order member in AEW.

Speaking to NBC Sports Boston, Erick Redbeard revealed why he was reluctant to join AEW's Dark Order - and also clarified that no such talks took place. Such an idea has often been suggested, given that Redbeard's former WWE tag team partner Brodie Lee was head of the stable. He explained:

"It was never a conversation. [...] I was doing and pursuing my own things. [...] At that time especially, I didn’t want to be that guy that distracts and always reminds people of a loss, especially that quickly. And with The Dark Order, I wanted nothing to do with it. And that’s not to say that like I’m better.

"What I’m saying is I wanted nothing to do with it because that’s his legacy. Like if it’s gonna fizzle out, I want it to fizzle out. But he made it and created that in such a quick amount of time [...] I want that to be the memory of him. His TNT Championship, his Dog Collar matches; I want that all to be held up here. I wanted nothing to do with that. So like, even if there was a conversation, I wouldn’t have seen myself having a slot there.”

Redbeard made a few appearances in AEW, most notably at the Brodie Lee Celebration of Life episode of AEW Dynamite.

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