Exclusive: AEW's Evil Uno Reveals Origins Of The Exalted One

Talks started after an infamous December 2019 segment

Back in March 2020, Brodie Lee was revealed as Dark Order's Exalted One after months of teases. Speculation around who the mysterious figure would be was rampant and names like Matt Hardy and even Raven were thrown into the hat, but it ended up being Mr. Brodie and he would lead the group until his passing in December. 

The Exalted One was first mentioned on AEW TV in early 2020, shortly after Dark Order infamously beat down The Elite to close out a December 2019 edition of Dynamite. Evil Uno revealed on Straight To Hell that discussions around an authority figure began after that segment because of how the beat down "soured" Dark Order's story.   

"We realised the legs had been cut from underneath us when we did that December event. We weren't ready in a story point to beat down all of The Elite. People weren't ready to see that and so it soured our story," Uno said. 

"The best way to regain momentum was to have someone above me because that tension and that negativity gets attached to the focal character, which was me. So by bringing someone above me, there was a chance to fix what was happening. And it came maybe two weeks after that December beatdown. We had discussed it and there was a lot of question marks about who it was gonna be because we didn't know when it was gonna start. We didn't even know if it was a gonna be a thing like, 'Who knows? Maybe people won't be into it and we just make it a mythical figure.'"

Uno would then reflect on Brodie Lee becoming The Exalted One and he admitted Big Rig joining the faction was "by far the best thing that could have happened to us."

"There was a lot of names, I'm sure the rumours have gone out. Matt Hardy was definitely one of the names. Luther came up - I never knew this but I knew this afterwards. But Brodie Lee ended up being the number one choice. He was super interested, we were super interested because he was a good friend and we had known him for so many years. And honestly, in the end, [he] was by far the best thing that could have happened to us," Uno continued.

Uno also discussed a possible trios title in AEW and if Dark Order would try and recruit Jungle Boy following the reveal that he and Anna Jay were dating. Check out Straight To Hell below:

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