Exclusive: Big E Reveals Goldberg's Impact On His WWE Career

Big E speaks exclusively to Cultaholic's Tom Campbell

Big E has opened up about how his interaction with Goldberg as a child inspired his attitude towards meeting fans throughout his WWE career.

The reigning WWE Champion has often spoken of his admiration and respect for Goldberg, his favourite wrestler as a child, and how he got the chance to meet the WWE Hall Of Famer during his WCW days at a fan signing event.

Speaking exclusively to Cultaholic's Tom Campbell, Big E opened up on the exchange he had with Goldberg as a kid and says, because of that moment, he always keeps in his mind to make every small interaction with a young fan count, as he can remember just how special he felt in that moment.

Big E said: "Man, I had other favourites but the guy who was my guy was Goldberg. I’ve said this a lot in interviews before but, so I got a chance to meet him. He was at a signing, I think in-store. This is probably the late 90s, WCW was still a thing and I remember meeting him and he was so cool, had a smile on his face and it just really stuck with me. 

"You know, that’s my hope. Anytime I have an opportunity with kids and whatnot, to never be rude, to never be short because that roughly 30 second interaction or so that I had with Goldberg over 20 years ago, I still so fondly remember.

"Upstairs, I still have that autographed 8×10 from Goldberg so, that was such a special memory. A lot of people say, ‘Never meet your heroes’ but I got to meet my hero and he was really cool and so yeah, Goldberg was my guy as a kid."

You can watch the full interview with Big E in the video player below:

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