Exclusive: Chris Bauer Recalls Working With CM Punk On 'Heels'

Wild Bill Hancock on Ricky Rabies

The season one finale of Starz TV series 'Heels' aired on Sunday, October 10 and Cultaholic Wrestling's Tom Campbell caught up with one of the stars of the show, Chris Bauer, following the episode. 

Bauer, who plays Wild Bill Hancock a former professional wrestling star who returns to the fictional town of Duffy, Georgia after losing his job "up north" as a talent scout, reflected on his time working on 'Heels' and once running a Quintessential Pro Wrestling show.

Another star of 'Heels' is AEW's CM Punk, who pops up in a couple of episodes as Ricky Rabies, an aging independent wrestling star. 

Speaking to Tom, Bauer recalled working on the series with Punk and the former True Blood star admitted Punk was the "biggest source of comfort" to him when it came to filming the series. 

"My biggest source of comfort is CM Punk who I got to spend a lot of time with. I respect him so much as a person and I really like him but if nothing else he's a sort of living narrative of a lot of layers of wrestling for the last 20 years. I said, 'Dude tell me straight up,' because I asked him a lot of questions about specifics here and there which he was very helpful with," Bauer recalled.

"But I was like, 'Are we gonna get killed for this?' He was like, 'No, I completely buy it. I totally buy it. I buy where it's coming from. I think it checks all the boxes and you don't have to worry about that.' That was an incredibly kind thing for him to say but it also put to rest for me like, 'If Phil thinks this is good, I don't really care what other people think.'"

Set in the fictional town of Duffy, Georgia, 'Heels' focuses on a family-owned independent wrestling promotion and brothers Jack and Ace Spade as they fight over their father's legacy and try and keep the company afloat. 

Season one of 'Heels' can be streamed on StarzPlay in the United Kingdom. 

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