Exclusive: EC3 Calls Westin Blake One Of The Best Wrestlers In The World

High praise from EC3

Westin Blake, the WWE Superstar formerly known as Wesley Blake, will make his first post-WWE appearance on October 2 during Free The Narrative II: The Monster In Us All. 

The cinematic event is being produced by fellow former WWE Superstar EC3 and the current ROH star named Blake as one of the best wrestlers in the world during a recent appearance on Straight To Hell

Speaking about Free The Narrative II, EC3 said: "That's what The Narrative provides, for anybody to create who they want to be, especially after leaving a corporate structure. I literally have one of the best wrestlers in the world. If you ask anybody who's actually been in a ring and been in the ring with him, Westin Blake, this guy is so good and he's back there right now printing shirts. It's insane to me that one of the best wrestlers that nobody knows is in here and you'll see exactly why I'm calling him one of the best wrestlers in the world again in Free The Narrative II because he finally has a chance to break the shackles. 

"When we were working NXT live events, he's the guy you put out there for 20 minutes and have a great match. But it's never something you were able to see really on television. He was pigeonholed and pegged as the proverbial good hand but there is so much more to him beyond a good hand. He's a great man and he transcends into that in Free The Narrative II."

EC3 then delved further into what fans can expect from Blake on Free The Narrative II, adding: "I think you will get to see his reality unfold and you'll see it unfold within 15 minutes when a respectful wrestling match becomes a fight that becomes a man breaking down for all the sh*t he's been through and losing his mind about it. And it's on him from there too, but you mentioned the forgotten son, when he comes out of The Narrative he is a rising sun."

Free The Narrative II: The Monster In Us All will air on FITE TV and Vimeo on Saturday, October 2 at 8 pm ET. Find out more about the event here.

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