EXCLUSIVE: Father James Mitchell Discusses Rumours Of A WrestleMania Match Between Abyss And The Undertaker

James Mitchell on what he knows of the rumoured Undertaker vs. Abyss match

Cultaholic’s own Tom Cambell spoke to Father James Mitchell or the “Sinister Minister” as many knew him as back in ECW, and “James Vandenberg” in WCW. Mitchell spoke on a variety of topics including his present day work in the NWA. He was asked about a rumoured bout between The Undertaker and The Abyss at WrestleMania. 

Mitchell of course managed Abyss in TNA when he returned to the company in 2005, but he says that he wasn’t personally factored into any plans or rumours of a potential match happening. He revealed that Abyss himself never mentioned anything about the talk on the dirt sheets, though Mitchell did hear that certain people told Abyss that he wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure in WWE, and advised him to remain in TNA. 

He went on to explain that if it did happen, of which there may have been a small possibility, his WWE debut would’ve been against The Undertaker at WrestleMania, but from there things would’ve all been downhill given that he would’ve lost the bout. 

The rest of this interview in which Mitchell talks about his ideal scenario if he were to work in WWE, managers in 2023, and certain storylines he was involved in over the years, is available to listen to in full on Cultaholic's podcast feed. 

As noted, Mitchell is working in the NWA, recently managing a variety of wrestlers such as Judais, and also helping Max The Impaler to the NWA Women’s World Title. On October 28th in Cleveland, Ohio, NWA will be putting forth the Samhein PPV event, being billed as the “most violent PPV in NWA history”.

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