Report: AEW Schedule Causing Difficulties For Some Wrestlers

AEW's injuries are stacking up, and it could be down to the schedule

AEW’s injury list has been stacking up over the last few months, with major names like Adam Cole, Jon Moxley, Rey Fenix, Cash Wheeler, and more being among those who are either out injured or “banged up”. 

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer explored why this is happening and what those in AEW have said about it. AEW’s schedule is less frequent than most promotions, but this has led to wrestlers getting hurt worse due to their bodies not being “in the groove as much”. Meltzer cited Nick Jackson as an example of someone whose body has suffered more from working less. 

He spoke on another unnamed individual too, Another guy there who ended up working I think three days in a row after rarely working brought up how much pain they were in and this was a guy who had routinely worked a few days in a row for years before AEW and had plenty of five show a week periods for weeks on end in Japan with the hard style there.”

With wrestlers sometimes working as infrequently as once a month, it is proving to have a negative impact on health, and this has led to the often frequent injuries which go on in the company.

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Written by Andrew Kelly