EXCLUSIVE: Matt Cardona Thinks He Will One Day Be The Vince McMahon Of GCW

Could Matt Cardona become GCW’s Vince McMahon?

Since his shock win over GCW World Heavyweight Champion Nick Gage and the hostile reception he received, Matt Cardona has made himself not only the biggest heel in the industry, but also the current King of the Indies.

But Cardona wants more, and as he revealed to Cultaholic’s own Ross Tweddell on Straight to Hell, Cardona wants to one day take over GCW:

“I love GCW. GCW loves me whether they want to admit it or not. Man, one day I think I’m going to be the Vince McMahon of GCW. I’m gonna buy the whole goddamn company.”

Cardona’s involvement with GCW is one of the reasons why the promotion has reached new heights, but it was never meant to be a long term deal:

“I was supposed to be there for three shows. That was it,” continued Cardona. “And then I think we both - me and GCW - realised there was f*****g money here. We were onto something here, let’s ride this wave out. There’s no contract, it’s a handshake deal, if you will. We’ve had a couple of bumps in the road but we’re still going. 

“I love GCW, I think it’s incredible. I think what they’ve done just since I got there has been great. I think they just needed the extra exposure and I think I helped with that. I think a lot of people tuned in to see me get carved up and get my ass kicked. They sat through the show and said, ‘Wow that’s pretty f*****g good, let me watch another one,’ because it’s not all just deathmatch wrestling.”

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