Fans Ejected From WWE House Show After Throwing Drink At Scarlett

Scarlett was hit with a drink at a house show this weekend

An unsavoury scene unfolded at a WWE live event this weekend, when a drink was thrown at Scarlett. 

Scarlett was accompanying Karrion Kross for his match against Drew McIntyre at the Saturday Night's Main Event show in Peoria, Illinois, when the beverage hit her. 

Though details are sketchy at present, according to reports a fan was 'arrested' following the incident. Another report suggested that multiple people were ejected from the arena afterwards.

Writing on Twitter, fan Preston Sloat said "we are right behind them it was the lady with them that threw the drink and they took her away first and then came and got her family who looked embarrassed to be associated with her they didn’t cuff the man just asked him to leave". 

Sloat also claimed the liquid 'looked like alcohol', something Scarlett's later tweet would seem to confirm. 

Commenting on the incident, she wrote:

"As a classy woman from Chicago, I'm not surprised that something like this would happen in Peoria. PS. To the granny who threw the drink, your booze was as cheap as your hairdo".

The match continued as scheduled after the incident (with McIntyre winning), though Scarlett was said to have looked 'p*ssed'.

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