Fans To Vote On NJPW Match Stipulation

The KOPW Ranbo at Wrestle Grand Slam is left open to fate

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s upcoming Wrestle Grand Slam sees the return of the New Japan Ranbo for the provisional KOPW 2021 Title.

Current provisional title holder Toru Yano announced on the official NJPW website that fans will be allowed to decide the stipulation for the bout, as with other KOPW matches.

"On the guardrails and the ropes will be handcuffs set up to use," said Yano. "The Ranbo is as normal, when you’re pinned, submitted or thrown over the top you’re out, but you can also be put out by being handcuffed, and then you’re stuck there for the rest of the match! Completely humiliated!”

"This time, the point of the Ranbo will be to put a blindfold on an opponent to eliminate them," Yano added. "The blindfolds will be suspended in different positions in and around the ringside area. Enough for every participant. Whether its blindfolds or handcuffs, NJPW will have to prepare as many of each as possible to make the rules viable. That’s a key point here."

In the past, KOPW stipulations have been put to fan vote on NJPW’s Twitter account, and it can be assumed that the same will happen this time round.

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