​Finn Bálor Comments On Rumours Of Dream WWE Match With The Undertaker

How good would The Demon vs. The Dead Man have been?

Finn Bálor has commented on rumours of a potential dream match with The Undertaker, saying that the idea was never discussed with him by WWE creative or management. 

The concept of Bálor, utilising his Demon persona, facing the Undertaker was a huge dream match for members of the WWE Universe after the Irishman made his debut on the main roster in 2016. 

The recent retirement of 'The Phenom' has made such a contest a lot more unlikely, but Bálor says the possibility of such a match was never mentioned to him by people with the power to make it a reality, and only my fans or journalists.

Balor told the What's The Story? podcast: "It has been discussed, but more from a media standpoint, like a dream match that people want. I hear a lot about it from media sources asking me about it. I haven't heard anything internally.

"That's not to say the office hasn't been pitching the idea. Maybe if it was two years ago, but nothing was ever concrete and no one ever came to me and said, 'You're going to be fighting The Undertaker.' There's always the possibility of anything can happen, but nothing was ever said and I was never officially told anything."

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