Finn Balor Reveals Scrapped Faction Plans With AOP

Finn Balor himself had pitched the idea of joining forces with the former WWE tag team

WWE star Finn Balor is currently enjoying life as the leader of The Judgment Day group. 

According to the first-ever Universal Champion, he once pitched to be in a faction with former NXT & Raw Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain.

Speaking to Alex McCarthy for Inside the Ropes, Balor revealed the scrapped idea and how he's now happy it didn't ultimately come to fruition. 

"I think when I had discussed it before, I had pitched the idea of going with the AOP. But I feel like now looking back, it might have been too similar to Bullet Club. And like I feel like when you try to like recreate something, it's never as good as, you know, the original.

"And I feel like this Judgement Day is something like so far removed from Bullet Club that it's very refreshing for me, especially. And they're not having to kind of try and recreate like what I've done, like years and years ago. So like I'm more creatively fulfilled now than I have been in a long time in WWE and yeah, feels good. Just kind of going out there and expressing yourself a little bit more freely as a heel? You know, the reins are off a little bit out there. Yeah, I'm just enjoying it again".

Balor recently admitted that he may have been 'going through the motions' as a WWE babyface, prior to his heel turn a few months ago. 

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