Finn Balor Feels Like He Was Going Through The Motions As A WWE Main Roster Babyface

The former United States Champion said he was 'hurt' to be left off WrestleMania

WWE star Finn Balor has admitted that he was 'going through the motions' as a babyface and has been reinvigorated thanks to his recent heel turn. 

Asked whether it hurt to be left off events like WrestleMania while speaking to Gorilla Position, the current leader of The Judgment Day said: 

"Yeah, of course. I'm a professional and I wanna wrestle. I feel like I'm one of the top performers in the business consistently over years and years and years, so I feel like I deserve to be on those shows. Especially my output with regards to live events and non-televised events, I'll be on every show, so to be left off or snubbed off the biggest show of the year, especially when it's two nights, yeah, that hurt".

While it hurt to not have a match at the Showcase of the Immortals, Balor believes it may have been due to a babyface rut he was in at the time. 

"I feel like, I'm sure it was to do with how I was performing and maybe I was a little monotonous, going through the motions with that kind of babyface version of Finn, but I feel reinvigorated recently, being able to do a true heel character, which I feel like I do much better than I do babyface and it's something that I haven't properly done in WWE either. We tried to do it in NXT, but when we lost the audience due to COVID, we had to kind of tweak the character and make it more of a tweener, but I'm enjoying being a true heel. I don't really have to act. I'm just a pissed-off version of myself that I normally am. [laughs] Hungry Finn, but yeah, I'm enjoying it. I feel reinvigorated. I can wrestle a different style now in the ring, and I'm doing different. I feel refreshed so I'm glad to be doing this version".

Finn was reigning as United States Champion at the time of WrestleMania. He dropped the title to Austin Theory on the April 18 episode of Raw.

Balor's The Judgment Day stablemate Rhea Ripley has likewise stated that her heel turn helped her after being a babyface for so long. 

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