Report: WWE Backstage Reaction To AEW All Out Altercation Revealed

What do people in WWE think about the AEW fight?

The backstage fight of CM Punk and Ace Steel vs. The Elite has been the talk of the wrestling world since it took place on Sunday night, including in WWE. 

The altercation took place following Punk's post-All Out media scrum, during which he accused the AEW EVPs of spreading lies and took shots at Hangman Page and Colt Cabana. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega confronted Punk in his locker room after the press conference and a fight broke out reportedly after Punk threw punches at The Young Bucks. Ace Steel then became involved, allegedly biting Kenny Omega and throwing a chair at Nick Jackson that left him with a black eye. 

Several WWE talents spoke to Fightful Select after news of the incident broke, with several stating that Punk was "selfish and arrogant", including some that worked with Punk on FOX's WWE Backstage series. A longtime main eventer within WWE also called Punk's actions unprofessional and said he was not the company man or leader he tries to portray himself as.

A WWE wrestler who previously worked with Punk said: "You can't expect a lot of people here to have a lot of positive things to say about Punk, and I think he's aware of that and has probably come to peace with it. I feel like he's trying to run things there, and it looks like he's doing it."

Two different WWE talents, meanwhile, were surprised that the fight took place and were confused about why Tony Khan did not respond to Punk's comments about the AEW EVPs. A top WWE name also stated that if both parties can't put their problems aside and make money then "none of them have business talking about drawing houses or losing fans or interest. They have a good show but this is still the biggest piece of business they've done and they have to capitalise." 

A WWE official also stated that in this situation, power has to be asserted by Tony Khan to ensure that everyone is aware what happened is unacceptable. 

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