Forget CM Punk & Rocky, Chad Gable Has Never Seen Star Wars

Chad Gable hasn't seen Star Wars

Amidst all the CM Punk controversy in recent months, one interesting talking point which came out of his various Instagram rants was the fact that he revealed that he had never seen the Rocky 3 movie involving Hulk Hogan, something which has become a running gag online ever since amongst both fans and detractors. 

During a Twitch stream with WWE’s Alpha Academy tag team, former Raw Tag Team Champions Otis and Chad Gable were asked whether they’d seen the Rocky movies, to which they both responded that they had seen them all. Otis went one step further and noted that his favourite was Rocky 5, in which Balboa is faced with his biggest threat yet… having no money. 

Following this, it was Chad Gable’s turn to throw himself under the movie bus, as he revealed that he hadn’t seen a single Star Wars movie. Gable tried to defend himself by stating that they aren’t his sort of style of movie preference, though that doesn’t make it any less irredeemable.

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Written by Andrew Kelly