Former WWE Writer Says Vince McMahon Wanted To Revive Brawl For All In NXT

Shoot fights almost returned to WWE TV...

Between June 1998 and August 1998, WWE hosted the Brawl For All on episodes of Monday Night Raw. The tournament is remembered as one of the worst ideas in the history of professional wrestling and was featured on this week's episode of Dark Side Of The Ring. Nobody in the tournament got over with the audience and Superstars suffered numerous injuries and concussions from taking punches to the head. 

Despite the tournament's infamous history, former WWE creative writer John Piermarini revealed on Twitter that Vince McMahon wanted to do another Brawl For All during the reality TV era of NXT. Piermarini wasn't sure if Vince floated the idea during the first or second season, but the boss had to be talked out of reviving the tournament. The former writer also explained it wasn't a long term ambition of McMahon's, but that he came up with the idea in a production meeting and wanted to start the tournament later that day.

Piermarini tweeted: "@jasoneisener @evanhusney incredible job with both seasons of @DarkSideOfRing. Funny story - while on creative in either 2009 or 2010 Vince wanted to do another Brawl For All with the guys competing on NXT (in its original format). He had to be talked out of it."

He later added: "I really don't remember. It was during an ongoing season. We were going to do it THAT day."

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